Tuesday, April 15, 2014

L.A. March Radio Ratings: Good Month for Kevin & Bean, KOST

March was great for KROQ's "Kevin & Bean Show," which ended the month in first place among all morning drive radio shows. K&B posted a 5.4 share of persons 12 and older; a 6.8 share of listeners 18-34; and 7.6 share of listeners 25-54. That was good enough for first in all key measurements.

In persons 12+, next were talk radio KFI's Bill Handel (4.3), Spanish KLVE's Omar Velasco (4.2), top 40 KIIS' Ryan Seacrest (4.1) and AC KBIG's Valentine, tied with Spanish KSCA's "El Bueno, La Mala y El Feo" (3.9).

Second in 18-34 was Power 106 KPWR (6.6 share), while No. 1 in 25-54 was KBIG (4.8).

The biggest rise in the mornings is KLVE's Velasco, who went from 9th to 3rd in just one month.

As for the overall radio rankings, AC KOST is still No. 1, even without Christmas music, with a 5.0 share, followed by KBIG and KIIS (tied at 4.9), KPWR (4.5) KRTH (4.3). KPWR was first with 18-34 year olds (8.4), while KBIG led the 25-54 audience (5.6).

How We Nearly Missed The "Blood Moon," Live from Our Backyard

Blood Moon

SCENE: Our bedroom, Monday, midnight.

MARIA: Hey, we don't want to go outside, right? We already saw the moon on the news, that's enough, right?

MIKE: Yeah. But maybe we should go outside anyway, just in case.

MARIA: OK. [Not quite convinced] Let's do it.

They climb out of bed and slowly make their way to the back door. Right outside, they immediately see the moon. It's copper red. Worth it.

Above and below, pics taken in our backyard at around 12:10 a.m.

Blood Moon

Blood Moon

Monday, April 14, 2014

L.A. Cameo: Here Are the Actual Sites From "Mad Men's" Season 7 Premiere


On AMC's "Mad Men," not only does Los Angeles play New York, but it sometimes gets to play itself too. We've chronicled quite a few "Mad Men" shooting locations over the years, including the Victorian home in last season's finale that doubled for Don Draper's childhood whorehouse. Now "Mad Men" is back for its seventh and final season, and it looks like the show will rely even more on Los Angeles locales (now that some of the show's characters actually reside in the 1969 version of our city). Above, you can see Don Draper (Jon Hamm) in front of one of the 1960s-era tile mosaics found at LAX. Here are more sites from episode 1:


(Sorry for the bad coloring here... for some reason I had a difficult time taking screen shots last night.) Above and below, Megan Draper (Jessica Pare) picks up her hubby Don at the Trans World Airlines terminal at LAX.



Here's a pull back shot of LAX from the episode. BUT wait a sec... that's not LAX at all! It's actually the old terminal at Ontario International Airport. Yep, although the shot of Don on the people mover was indeed filmed at LAX, the outdoor scene between Megan and Don was filmed many miles away in Ontario.

Mad Men

Above and below, here's Terminal One now, which is used for offices and storage.

Mad Men

Film shoots at the Ontario airport are also a regular sight -- "Argo" filmed its airport scenes here.

Mad Men

Above and below, Don and Megan meet Megan's new Los Angeles agent at a fancy restaurant. It's never revealed where they're supposed to be. Maybe Scandia? Chasen's?

Mad Men

In real life, the scene was shot at the infamous Dresden Room on Los Feliz, made famous by "Swingers" and still the home of Marty and Elayne!

Mad Men

The Dresden has been around since 1954, so maybe that indeed is where Megan and Don were dining.


Above and below, Joan (Christina Hendricks) meets Wayne Barnes (Dan Byrd) for drinks at a New York restaurant.

Of course, most Angelenos could spot that it actually was the Biltmore Hotel's Gallery Bar (below).

Mad Men

"Few bars in Los Angeles enjoy the fame of the Biltmore's Gallery Bar," the hotel proudly states.


California Pete hits the famous Canter's on Fairfax.


Not much needed to be changed on this Canter's shoot; as seen below, the restaurant still looks like it's from a bygone era.


I'm bummed a young Rodney Bingenheimer didn't walk by. But other than that, a stellar week one for L.A. cameos in "Mad Men."

Good Finds -- and Spider-Man -- at the LA Times Festival of Books

Above: Crowd gathers at the USC stage toward the end of the day for one final performance.

It was Coachella weekend... but being the old fogies with kids we are, it was much easier to hit USC for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books instead. We weren't at festival for long on Saturday, but it was long enough to pick up a couple of new books for the blogger kids, plus a new L.A.-centric book from Angel City Press: Los Angeles Union Station: Tracks to the Future.

Union Station

Union Station, of course, means something extra special to us, having been married there. But as you've seen over there, the allure is strong for many others as well. This book (by William Bradley) is a fantastic tribute to the 1939 building, the last of America's great train stations. It isn't officially released until next month, but it was great to get an early copy.


The Blogger Toddler 2.0 poses by the Hi De Ho comics booth after spotting Spider-Man on their sign.

Speaking of Spider-Man, is he now a USC student?

Spotted among the art booths at the festival.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Weird Billboard Alert: This Samsung Ad Gets A Tragic Makeover

Weird ad

My apologies, this is a bit hard to read, but it was the best I could do as I drove up Virgil. Spotted at the corner of Virgil and Santa Monica Blvd., this billboard for the Samsung Galaxy took on a tragic tone after some artist added their own extra touches.

Specifically, someone glued an actual text message conversation to the phone in the ad. So now, the billboard features a strangely sad text message that reads, "your father passed away last night." The response is "OMG, what?" Clearly, a strange conversation to conduct over text, but perhaps that was the point of the artist who posted it.
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